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All courses, workshops and degree programs are developed using a unique instructional design approach that will enable students to achieve academically. In addition, our approach enhances and improves current skills, which are framed in critical thinking and analysis activities for optimal learning outcomes.  Visit our virtual classroom to view our latest course offerings.

About Us

The purpose of Multis College's existence is to address the high cost of obtaining a degree, improve the overall quality of the education management process and enable significant learning experiences to emerge for students of all backgrounds.

Current problems in higher education include top heavy management, inefficient information technology implementation, slow change management, costly manual processes, high student dropout rates and low graduation rates.

Being a newly founded institute of higher learning, the opportunity exists for Multis College to provide a high-quality alternative to traditional “minded” institutions at a lower cost. In addition, develop degree and training programs that do more than just provide structured related information, but include strategies that remove barriers to the learning experience.  

The current higher education structures herd students through a process that produces graduates with poor thinking, problem solving and communication skills. Multis College is different in that its degree programs are not structured in a “siloed way” where courses are taught to the test or exam, then after the exam students ‘dump’ that knowledge and move to the next course. Competences are measured in multiple dimensions, which involve shaping values and attitudes about learning multiple subject matter, creating interdisciplinary linkages within the content and learning process toward opening up modes of thinking that is systematic, intentional, purposeful, and systemic.

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